What would your balanced body look like?

We specialize in customizing body care to meet your unique needs and goals. We know that understanding the best thing you can do to stay physically healthy can be a real challenge. How many times will the surgeon general change the recommendation as to how much exercise you should get on a daily basis? How many times have you heard “move it or lose it” and “no pain no gain”? Do you try to but struggle with knowing if you are doing the best thing for your body with the limited time you have?

As we age, our bodies develop asymmetries due to hand dominance, repetitive motion, and work habits, leading to abnormal movement patterns that become personal risk factors for injury.

Our backgrounds and education provide us a unique ability to assess healthy bodies, and to integrate manual skills such as massage and myofascial release with our understanding of abnormal movement. We build upon the underlying lack of stability that facilitates the abnormal movement patterns to, in turn, promote strength and power. (Learn more about your core and local vs. global stability here.)

We want healthy people to stay healthy, and statistics predict that 8 out of 10 of us won’t. We specialize in integrating our skills into an individualized program for you, focusing on the structural and postural changes (weak spots) that occur from normal body use. Each member of our team offers a skill set that can be combined or used independently to best meet your needs.

If you:

  • Are injury prone and find your activity and exercise tolerance decreasing

  • Want to learn how to cross train to optimize your physical body balance

  • Don’t feel solid and strong

  • Injure yourself every time you try and exercise

  • Want a stronger core

  • Want to know what better posture is and how it would integrate with exercise and life

  • Don’t feel confident in your body

  • Feel stuck with your current conditioning program

  • Don’t know how to begin to move and exercise

  • Hate going to the gym

  • Are afraid of exercise

  • Aren’t sure you are doing the best you can for your body

  • Don’t know how to make the most of the time you have

  • Prefer a customized plan specific to you…

Give us a try! If you want to learn how to begin to balance your body, call (603) 319-8334 or email us to begin. All initial consults are performed by Mary to determine the plan that will best suit your needs.


Initial Consult with Mary: $200

1:1 Session with Mary: $125

1:1 Session with team member: $100

Package of 5 sessions with Mary: $550

Package of 5 sessions with team member: $425

Package of 10 sessions with Mary: $1,000

Package of 10 session with team member: $800