We provide core stability classes for residents in and around Portsmouth, NH

Our true power comes from the ability to allow rotational forces to flow through the body without restriction. We teach core exercise classes for the Portsmouth, New Hampshire and surrounding communities. These classes introduce the concept of postural control and stability to improve body awareness, strength, and movement control. Learn more about this at The Center for Bodies in Balance in Portsmouth NH and servicing surrounding communities.

We designed our core stability class to teach you how to integrate certain things into your exercise routine, including but not limited to:

  • Balance
  • Local core stabilization
  • Global core stabilization
  • Body resisted strengthening
  • Core integrated strengthening exercises
  • Neutral spine postural control
  • Core based self soft tissue releasing
  • Core integrated functional movement
A 10-week session costs $170, and an individual class costs $20.

Call us today to find out more about the movement control exercises we teach. We'll be sure to answer all of your questions.