Core exercises are frequently taught without teaching about what the human core truly is. Our core is a group of muscles whose job includes postural support, control and endurance, as well as joint control and stabilization as a platform for movement.

Research by a group of Australian physical therapists re-defined our muscular system into local & global stabilizing muscles and power muscles ( Their research proved that performing traditional PT stabilization exercises (which Mary did for 20 years without full relief or resolution of a back problem) are not enough to free people of their back pain. They found that integrating individualized core muscle training into these same PT stabilization exercises decreased the frequency of re-injury, and improved people’s function with less pain. Our experience has led us to understand that their findings apply to all the joints of the body, not just the spine. These muscles provide support and inner strength and have helped nearly all the people we have worked with over the past 15 years take control of their pain and get back to living.