Choose us for physical therapy services in the Portsmouth, NH area

Most injuries occur due to unknowingly, moving incorrectly over and over and over again. These movements cause problems ranging from joint and muscle pain to bursitis, tendinitis and a host of other musculoskeletal problems.

At The Center for Bodies in Balance, we aim to teach you how to care for yourself and move differently to find your way to a physically confident life through one on one treatment and post rehabilitation training.

Before we schedule your physical therapy services, we'll assess your skeletal alignment, myofascial system and muscular system to evaluate what's not working correctly. Based on that assessment, we may provide:

  • Movement, neuromotor and postural education services
  • Manual therapy services
  • Myofascial and active facial relief services
  • Joint mobilization services
  • Cupping, dry needling, and vertigo services
  • Core stabilization, gait, strength, balance, and post rehabilitation training services
  • Postural strengthening services
  • Osteoporosis rehabilitation services

You'll absolutely love our one on one sessions founded in evidence based research.

Call us today to discuss your specific needs. We may even integrate Pilates into your care.