Our Pilates classes are a form of mind/body exercise and are taught around the concept of integrating our individual stabilizing muscles into neutral spine postural positioning and control – a much different approach than most other Pilate’s classes.

Mary went through a year and half training process to become certified to teach in 2001. She chose Moira Stott’s take on Pilates because it most closely fit her physical therapy philosophy that neutral spine postural control is the most important foundation to work from when training the human body for proper movement patterns and exercise. She intertwines her physical therapy education and scientifically founded research on muscular control into her teaching. Her classes will teach you about all of your core muscles, how they interact to provide a proper foundation to move from and integrate into whole body stability.

Mat classes are offered privately, semi-privately and in group settings. Our beginner and intermediate class are offered at the Center and class sizes are kept small to allow for individualized attention and feedback to improve performance success. Please contact the Center if you are interested in joining one of these classes to check on space availability.

We offer one advanced mat class, taught off-site at Spinnaker Point Recreation Center at 30 Spinnaker Way, Portsmouth, NH (603)-766-1483. This space has excellent natural light and a feeling of spaciousness. There are mirrors for direct visual feedback and Mary demonstrates each exercise while teaching. This space allows for a larger class size than those taught at the Center and is for those with prior Pilates experience. 

We now have the ability to teach these classes virtually. If you are interested please contact us at the Center.

Mat Class Schedule:
Monday mornings - 9am at the Center
Monday evening - 5:15pm at Spinnaker Point
Thursday mornings - 9am at the Center
Thursday afternoon - 4:30pm at the Center

All classes are taught in 10 week series - $170
Individual class - $20

Private reformer classes are taught at the Center on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.
Please contact us to schedule a session.

Group of 4 individual sessions - $240
Individual session - $65

Cairn photo by Kristin Burchsted