Services & CLASSES

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Physical Therapy

We treat people with injuries sustained to any part of the body – from head to toe and everything in between. Our goal is to help you heal on your own without surgery. 

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Balanced Body Coaching

We specialize in customizing body care to meet your unique needs and goals. We know that understanding the best thing you can do to stay physically healthy can be a real challenge. 

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Our Pilates classes are a form of mind/body exercise and are taught around the concept of integrating our individual stabilizing muscles into neutral spine postural positioning and control – a much different approach than most other Pilate’s classes.

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Core Stability Class

This small class is designed to teach you how to integrate neutral spinal postural control and local & global core stabilization into exercise. You will learn how to isolate motion (stabilize) and control movement (stability integrated with power) through both body and resisted exercises.

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Photography of man on bike by Kristin Burchsted