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I have been seeing Mary to address a chronic problem with my back. I have seen countless professionals over the years, but Mary is the first one to make a difference. She is determined to solve the problem and uses an extraordinary wealth of knowledge about the human body not only to attack the problem from different angles, but to teach me about body movement in order to help me prevent my pain from reoccurring. Her passion to her profession and dedication to her clients are remarkable. 

— Andrea D., 48, Hiker, Skier, Pilates Enthusiast

I have suffered for many years with chronic pain in my lower back and hip and have had limited success finding a cure with the conventional medical system. I did not desire surgery to attempt to correct the pain as recommended by many orthopedic and pain specialists. I did not improve under the care of the physical therapist I was referred to. I was becoming resigned to the fact that I might have to live with chronic pain for the rest of my life. However, a dear friend recommended that I seek the physical therapy provided by Center for Bodies in Balance. I saw Doreen and Mary during my first visits and knew that I was on a path to recovery. They listened to me, they examined me, and they treated me. The combination of Doreen, with her healing hands and extensive knowledge of PT, and Mary, with a thorough diagnostic and treatment plan, helped changed my life. In a few short months, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I was healing. I will forever be grateful.

— Tomi L., 60, Yoga Enthusiast

I used to think all physical therapy was the same and very standardized. I'd been to several PT's over the years, for treatment of acute pain due to an injury or post-surgery. I also used to think the pains I've had for years would never go away and were part of the aging process. Then I started treatments with Mary. Her knowledge of bio-mechanics and determination to find the root cause of my chronic pain is exactly what I needed. Her treatments have released fascial tension throughout my body. The exercises she prescribed have strengthened my core muscles, improved my posture, and taught me how to use muscle groups that protect me from pain. It's been truly an eye-opening experience that has given me a better quality-of- life, so I am able to remain active and can enjoy my hobbies without debilitating pain.

— Sue D, 62, Irish Dancer & Instructor

I highly recommend that anyone searching for a physical therapist reach out to Mary Marcinkowski at the Center for Bodies in Balance. Over the course of many years and various injuries (including shoulder surgery) Mary has consistently brought me back to a pain free life style. Her knowledge and dedication to her work and her patients is unsurpassed. She cares!!!!

— Susan R., 62, Walker

The Center for Bodies in Balance and the people who work there offer a rare and wonderful combination of skill, sensitivity and respect that one wishes were in every health care office. The professional standards are high. The personal work is extraordinary.

I have had chronic hip pain that has lessened through the patient and kind guidance of Mary, the center's founder. She has a deeply caring way of listening combined with a thorough understanding of the body. Her kindness and heart felt work has helped me heal from something that seemed intractable.

—Susan K.,72, Runner and Skier

I have had back problems for many years. My most common has been a recurring spasm on my left side that gives me serious pain at the top of my hip, radiating up and leaving me vulnerable to sudden spasms. Usually I slowly recover with heat, ice stretching, etc. I have seen lots of  professionals over the years, but my visit to Mary (based on a friend’s recommendation) for an evaluation and Chandra for treatment was truly amazing. Mary did a thorough evaluation, but had a scheduled trip. She turned me over to Chandra who basically fixed me on my first visit with a tough love treatment called active fascial release to my left leg. She worked hard on my hamstring, and was thoroughly professional and amazingly effective. I went back a couple more times, but much of my problem was already solved. I was thunderstruck! Chandra also showed me how to do trigger point work on myself to keep me out of trouble. Everybody is different, but based on my experience, I recommend their knowledge and services without any reservation.

— Lincoln A., 66, Home Handy Man




My work with Mary at The Center for Bodies in Balance has been nothing short of life changing!
I had been in a state of chronic physical instability and was prone to frequent back and neck injuries. Steadily and patiently, Mary has brought my body into a state of renewed strength and normal balance. I continue to train with her on a weekly basis to maintain and build upon this state of balance I never before thought possible. Her cutting edge approach has also been so valuable in my own work teaching voice students to help them achieve a healthy and powerful sound without straining!

— Martha G., 56, Walker and Pilates Enthusiast

When I first arrived at The Center for Bodies in Balance I was having constant back pain and could barely bend at the waist. I had suffered through years of episodes with my back which caused me to miss work, miss doing things with my children, and prevented me from enjoying an active lifestyle. I started working with Mary who immediately helped me make adjustments to my daily routine to begin easing the back pain. First we adjusted the seat in my car, followed by my workstation at work. I transitioned to a standing desk and acquired the proper footwear to allow me to be on my feet all day. Mary then began teaching me how to rebuild all of the muscles in my back and core which had been destroyed from years of steroids, pain medicine, muscle relaxants, and inactivity due to the pain I was experiencing. Mary taught me to be mindful of my body and the way that I move it to keep the muscles healthy and prevent strain from repetitive motion, over exertion, and improper movement. It has taken a while, but I can now say that I am pain free majority of the time, I no longer take any type of pain medication or muscle relaxants, I am able to bend over and touch my toes, and I enjoy an active lifestyle which includes walking, hiking, swimming, boating, and many other activities that I had abandoned due to back pain.

— Patti A., 50, Walker and Sailor

I recently spent 12 gorgeous days walking through Southern Utah's magnificent national parks. I did not foresee this outcome when I arrived at Mary's office in the summer of 2016 with excruciating discomfort in both legs and totally miserable that I could not play tennis. A year prior I broke my ankle on the courts. The break required surgery and three months of staying off the leg and then "physical therapy." At the conclusion of that therapy, I started to feel undefined pain in my other leg. The therapist gently waved me off saying she was certain it would resolve when I returned to my normal routine of walking, going to the gym, and playing tennis. She was incorrect in that assumption. Walking one mile with my dog was a cringe-worthy experience. Through a stroke of pure luck I discovered Mary at the Center for Bodies in Balance. She very quickly diagnosed Genu Valgus (knock knees). We supposed that this condition, although unknowingly present since childhood, grew far worse during those months of inactivity. Mary listened patiently and carefully to my weekly list of symptoms while working tirelessly, enthusiastically, and creatively to enable me to get my physical and emotional life back. I am now excitedly looking forward to another walking trip to celebrate my 70th year.

— Margie D. 69, Walker, Hiker

I (and my entire family) have been a client of The Center for Bodies in Balance for over ten years. When physician referrals have to be made for care, I ask specifically to be sent to this office. The physical therapists on staff are concerned not only with a good rehabilitation outcome for a specific problem or concern, but also seek to assess and strengthen overall body mechanics, with the hope to prevent future complications and injuries. This more holistic approach to physical therapy care is done without a great deal of expensive gym equipment. They use their hands to interpret the current situation in the body, which leads to an individualized treatment plan. They recommend exercises that one can do with items found at home (a doorframe, a tennis ball) or props easily obtained through the office or internet, which holds costs down as the client regains their health. The therapists are quite proactive in their continuing education, bringing new therapies and techniques back into their practice. We are fortunate that The Center for Bodies in Balance continues to be an integral part of our health care team.

— Kerry K., 58, Water Aerobic Enthusiast, Yoga Enthusiast

Mary Marcinkowski is a very gifted physical therapist. I recently had some back and foot issues that were not going away with self-care. I had never been to a physical therapist in the past, but as a physician, I had an idea of what to expect. Mary was very good at giving me her full attention and listening to my concerns. Her knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics is exceptional. Within the first 15 minutes of my initial visit, she had focused in on the cause of my issues and set up a treatment plan. Her treatment approach begins with a practical explanation of what we need to accomplish and then sets out on the first steps needed to achieve the desired outcome. She is very good at not overloading you with too many things to do at the first visit but over the next few sessions, she builds on her treatment and gets you back to normal function. I am very pleased with the outcome and very happy I could have Mary as my physical therapist.

— Joe N, 64, PCP

I was experiencing chronic lower spine and left hip pain for over 2 years. Being very active and never before having experienced anything like this, I let it go for quite some time, believing it would just take care of itself. After going to my chiropractor, my GP, a physiatrist, & an orthopedist, having a round of traditional physical therapy, x-rays, a CT-scan, and an MRI, no real answers or viable solutions were given. That’s when I finally called Mary. Right from the start she looked at my situation in an entirely different way. The term holistic is overused these days, but that is exactly the approach that Mary takes. She looks at the whole body and then develops a treatment plan to correct the postures and movements that are actually causing the pain. This unique approach to physical therapy has significantly reduced my pain and increased my overall mobility where nothing else did. As a result, I have been able to resume my Pilates classes and long distance walking. I highly recommend Mary and The Center for Bodies in Balance.

— Diane G., 65, Walker and Pilates Enthusiast

So, it is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for The Center for Bodies and Balance. I was referred to Mary for chronic facial pain and back issues. Mary is a very gifted, thoughtful and brilliant physical therapist. She is deeply empathic, intuitive and wise. She goes above and beyond in her efforts to treat and heal your areas of concern. Mary has been the most influential and effective healer in my pursuit to hike all 48 4000 footer mountains in the state of New Hampshire. I have thus far hiked 10! I highly and without any reservation recommend Mary. I feel very grateful and comforted to work with her.

— J. Olson

I first came to the Bodies in Balance on the recommendation of my doctor, more than 9 years after an accident and after 4 different courses of PT, therapeutic massage therapy and chiropractic care for ongoing rotator cuff and neck issues. My first session with Doreen was a gentle exam and movement that for the first time in over 9 years alleviated my chronic headaches which I had learned to live with and tried to ignore! What a joyful relief. Doreen has magic fingers for necks!

On a cruise ship 20 years ago, I had, in utter boredom, gone to the gym and tried the weighted leg lifting apparatus. I felt something in my right thigh give and after returning, went to an orthopedic center where the lump that had developed in my thigh was diagnosed as a lipoma (benign fatty tumor). Because of this, nothing was done to this lump for over 20 years as it grew larger. Meanwhile I started having lower back issues and returned to Bodies in Balance for PT. Mary listened to my tale of the cruise ship and when she asked about the lump, determined that it was likely a muscular injury. As she began to work on the thigh muscle, the twist in my spine was relieved and it straightened my hip and knee cap out. The lump in my thigh muscle has been greatly reduced in size as a result of her work and my back pain is so much better because of it.

— Sherri B., 66, Wii Enthusiast

Mary is the most talented Physical Therapist I have ever worked with. I have undergone individual physical therapy treatment with her and have attended Pilate’s classes for several years. Her CORE strengthening instruction and individual PT sessions have helped me more than any physician, PT and gym instructor I have seen. During my PT sessions I have learned how to release muscle irritation during my periods of inflammation, to correct my gait, and to turn on core muscles which were dormant. I used to be large muscle (power) girl with no attention to the core, which in the long run hurt me. It still can during my periods of inflammation if I am not careful and thoughtful of engaging my core rather than plunging into an exercise. When I was in pain, Mary’s office staff was comforting and professional and made sure that I was seen quickly.

Many of Mary’s Pilates students follow her for years. The different between her Pilate’s classes versus going to the gym is the experience and talent Mary brings to each class. She has treated several of us in physical therapy and brings the knowledge of our injuries, strengths and limitations into the classes. I whole heartedly recommend Mary as a Physical Therapist and as a Pilate’s instructor.

— Robin C., 56, Golfer, Pilates Enthusiast

I am eternally grateful to Mary and her expertise as a physical therapist. After suffering from a significant back injury where I could barely walk without pain and muscle spasms, I was struggling to find a healthcare professional that I could trust. When I met Mary, I immediately saw the genius in her. I've never come across a PT before who understands the human body like she does. She listens to her patients and works with you to find the 'core' issue, rather than just treat the symptoms. I found this type of approach to be essential in my recovery because I was no longer just a passive patient being treated, but an active participant in my recovery. I felt like Mary and I worked as a team, and in that process I learned so much from her about how the body's muscles work together, where my individual 'weak spots' are, and how to monitor and strengthen these weaknesses. Mary and her office go above and beyond to help their patients — when I was in the midst of the worst of my back spasms, Mary was able to fit me in for an appointment every day until I got out of the spasm. It is rare to find a PT or medical office that will do that. Mary truly has a gift for PT and I feel so grateful to have found her when I needed her most. Now, after a long recovery, I'm back to my active lifestyle and just finished hiking all of the New Hampshire's 4000 footers! 

— Beth I., 27, Hiker and Skier

Before I started working with Mary and the Center for Bodies in Balance, I was in a lot of trouble. I was riding my bike to work every day and had chosen not to have a car to get around. I was recovering from intense tendinitis in my knee and every morning and afternoon I was in nightmare of pain, just trying to get to work and get home. I found it almost impossible to run or ride my bike other than simple commuting. The year before that I had ridden >3000 miles, training for bike racing, and had run the LA Marathon. I couldn't do any of that in 2014/2015. 

I started going to the Center for Bodies in Balance at the suggestion of my sports doctor. Mary's approach took me through the various challenges that were causing me pain and basically rebuilt me from the ground up. Improving my core strength and stability has been a long journey but now I can report that I can do anything I want to do, including bike and run. We have even been able to address my posture and work environment so that I can work toward being pain free, comfortable, and strong in all aspects of life. I  recommend Mary highly.

— Sean T., 32, Mountain and Road Biker, Runner

Mary Marcinkowski and the staff at the Center for Bodies in Balance have been like a family to me. They have gone beyond the typical Therapist – Patient relationship and truly show concern and caring for people. Like others, I came to Mary discouraged by the previous attempts to correct a back problem and was on many medications and looking at possible surgery. Mary gently worked with me and slowly I became able to move better and regained my mobility and strength. What I love about Mary was that she never told me not to do something but showed me how to start doing it in a safe manner. I have always been an active person and now thanks to Mary and her co-workers, am confident that I will continue to be able to be active into my 70’s. The fact that she teaches Pilates has been a gift as she has taught me so much about how to maintain my strength and mobility in a small and safe environment. I have now graduated from Physical Therapy, but am able to continue with her Pilates classes which give me confidence that my health and strength will continue for a long time to come.

— Kitty, 70, Golfer, Skier, Dog-walker, Pilates Enthusiast

I have worked in the healthcare field for 30 years as a PT Assistant and as an LMT and I highly recommend Mary Marcinkowski and the treatment provided at The Center for Bodies in Balance to my clients. Their approach to full body care and assessment is different than any other Physical Therapy practice in the Seacoast. Most PT sessions focus on only assessing and treating the area of pain. Mary and her team look at your full body kinetics so that that the CAUSE of pain and dysfunction is addressed.

I personally saw Mary for chronic, recurring plantar fasciitis. During these sessions we discovered that the mechanics of my entire leg were off due to weakness of my hip flexor muscle, the psoas and my inability to rotate my spine with control to the left. Through very precise exercises, I was able to strengthen the psoas muscle, learn how to rotate to the left and correct the cause of my plantar fasciitis once and for all.

If you want to be treated as a whole person and not just a body part, then you need to go to The Center for Bodies in Balance!

— Karen D., 50, Gym Exerciser